Mac and Mary McRobbie

Legacy Living

The McRobbie family

Mac and Mary McRobbie lived in California and were longtime friends and supporters of The Navigators. Mac’s death preceded Mary’s by just five weeks. Their hard working and generous spirits blessed many who came through their home. Through thoughtful legacy planning they cared for their family and also left a portion of their estate to a number of different ministries, including The Navigators. Meeting their four children and spouses, I was struck by their peace and joy, but most of all their deep sense of gratitude for the lives and legacy of Mac and Mary.

A legacy can be accomplished through intentional giving at death, but more significantly through living an intentional life. Mac and Mary’s children and grandchildren observed firsthand a faithful example of living for Jesus. As followers of Jesus they chose to live His words as quoted by Paul, “It is more blessed to give than receive” (Acts 20:35).