Supporters Like You

Supporters Like You

Meet Other Navigators, Just Like You

Being a Navigator means having a desire to be a disciple-maker and to answer Christ’s calling – to know Him, make Him known, and help others do the same™. Check out stories from Navigators, from all around the world, who are making an impact in their neighborhoods, military bases, college campuses, and workplaces. Learn how others, just like you, are making the advancement of the gospel of Jesus and His kingdom their personal legacy.

Mac and Mary McRobbie lived in California and were longtime friends and supporters of The Navigators. Mac’s death preceded Mary’s by just five weeks. Their hard working and generous spirits blessed many who came through their home. Through thoughtful legacy planning they cared for their family and also left a portion of their estate to a number of different ministries, including The Navigators. Meeting their four children and spouses, I was struck by their peace and joy, but most of all their deep sense of gratitude for the lives and legacy of Mac and Mary.
A legacy can be accomplished through intentional giving at death, but more significantly through living an intentional life. Mac and Mary’s children and grandchildren observed firsthand a faithful example of living for Jesus. As followers of Jesus they chose to live His words as quoted by Paul, “It is more blessed to give than receive” (Acts 20:35).

Dot and Sam Carswell met Nav Staff, Bruce and Marg Van Wyk more than 25 years ago. Through the years, the Carswells generously supported the Van Wyk’s ministry, and become dear friends. Dot continued their partnership with the Van Wyks after Sam’s passing, and last spring called The Navigators inquiring about how to leave a bequest in her will for Bruce and Marg. When Dot contacted the Van Wyks to share they were included in her will, she learned they needed funds to accept an invitation from the Africa Navs. They would be making regular trips to Africa to coach and encourage the Nav teams. Blending the two issues, Dot decided to make the planned future bequest immediately by donating appreciated stock. Dot says she was blessed thrice: the joy of giving, no capital gains tax, and 100% charitable deduction the year of the gift. To God be the Glory.

Dave and Betsy have chosen to give all of their money to charity! Dave noted, “I’ve had a successful career and my savings have grown nicely over the years. I feel that I’ve been tremendously blessed and I’d like to give back and help other people who have not been so fortunate.” Dave and Betsy have chosen to give half of their wealth through a Charitable Trust and the rest through a Donor-Directed Fund, both great tools for donors. Dave says, “I enjoy giving to established nonprofits, like The Navigators, where they have an established ministry with people and programs in place to make a difference in the world.” Dave and Betsy’s journey of generosity has led them to both live and leave a legacy. One of Dave and Betsy’s passions has led them to work together for over 13 years building homes, and rebuilding schools in the Guatemala City garbage dump. They are experiencing joy in giving it all away to a prayerfully chosen group of non-profits, including The Navigators.