Sample Language for Your Will or Trust
The following language may help you and your attorney when drawing up a bequest that meets your needs.

I (we) give (describe dollar amount, property or percentage of your estate) to support The Navigators, a not-for-profit charity organized under the laws of the State of Colorado, with administrative offices located at 3820 N 30th Street, Colorado Springs CO 80904-5001. This gift is unrestricted and shall be used to support the mission of The Navigators, wherever the need is the greatest.

*If you are interested in supporting a specific project, program, or staff member, it is best to discuss your plans with our planned giving professionals before completing your bequest language to confirm your wishes can be met by The Navigators.

Please note: The policies of The Navigators do not allow The Navigators or its representatives to serve as personal representative, executor, trustee or witness for a will or trust.

Useful Legal Information

Legal name: The Navigators
Address: 3820 N 30th Street, Colorado Springs CO 80904-5001
Federal Tax ID number: 84-6007896

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