Dave and Betsy Ahl

Giving it All

Dave and Betsy Ahl with two children

Dave and Betsy have chosen to give all of their money to charity! Dave noted, “I’ve had a successful career and my savings have grown nicely over the years. I feel that I’ve been tremendously blessed and I’d like to give back and help other people who have not been so fortunate.” Dave and Betsy have chosen to give half of their wealth through a Charitable Trust and the rest through a Donor-Directed Fund, both great tools for donors. Dave says, “I enjoy giving to established nonprofits, like The Navigators, where they have an established ministry with people and programs in place to make a difference in the world.” Dave and Betsy’s journey of generosity has led them to both live and leave a legacy. One of Dave and Betsy’s passions has led them to work together for over 13 years building homes, and rebuilding schools in the Guatemala City garbage dump. They are experiencing joy in giving it all away to a prayerfully chosen group of non-profits, including The Navigators.